We are…

カウンセリングを重視しており、一人ひとりの個性や魅力を活かした美しさのご提案をしてお客様と共にヘアスタイル を作り上げることを大切にしております。

a hair salon of small studio type at Meidaimae Tokyo.There are only two seats and millers in our salon. 
We really care about a counseling with a customer before hair cut so we think that our customer and we create their hair-style together is important to us.
Besides, you can feel comfy because there are not any other customer while you visit here. So you can come with your baby, kid and family if you want.

Please feel free to ask us about anything if you have a question.

English OK.  



OPEN: 9:00am 〜 8:00pm CLOSE: Irregular